Drink two hours before and after eating (breakfast, lunch or dinner)

eating and drinking - She is ordering her lunch and something to drink. After eating, she finished with drinking a glass of juice.
@yanzalong (10171)
December 28, 2011 11:41pm CST
I have once read an article on health that says that if we want to maintain our health we must drink 2 hours before and after eating. During eating there should not be any liquid (water) and food into the stomach. The reason is that our body system will absorb water first, and then the food. As a result, some of the food will not be digested properly or not digested at all. The best way is that water should be consumed 2 hours before and after we eat. If for instance you can not eat without any water, you can drink only a little water. Do you have any other information regarding this? Please share.
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• United States
29 Dec 11
If you drink water before you eat, it will make you feel full and you will not eat as much. Also by drinking plenty of water, you will flush out lots of poisons from your body.
• United States
29 Dec 11
If you are trying to loose weight, then drink water before you eat o that you will not feel as hungry and should not eat as much. Plus drinking plenty of water will help flush out a lot of bad poisons in your body.
29 Dec 11
Yes it is correct. Drinking water before taking food and during the eating is preferred. If we have to take water after eating we can take a little amount of water only.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
29 Dec 11
That could be right, I heard that drinking water before you eat can help you lose weight, and to never drink during a meal and always have a warm drink after a meal and never drink cold drinks after a meal, as warm drinks flush the fats and cold drink solidifies the fats...