Luis Suarez Support

United States
December 29, 2011 2:58am CST
Sometimes you feel this world we live is going upside down. What I mean is, when I found out that Liverpool Football Club supported Luis Suarez unfortunate comments on Patrick Evra. I was saddened and shocked when I saw Liverpool players wore T-shirts that supported him. I thought I wouldn't see such actions in 21st century. I was expecting from club like Liverpool to get rid off him immediately because of their fans of different backgrounds all over the world. Do you guys think that Liverpool Football Club is going backwards instead showing it is status to the world?
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@omchesunche (1755)
• Indonesia
29 Dec 11
well, maybe they just support him because they knew well about Suarez personality and what I have heard that he has not really adapt on english culture or european culture in general..Meaning what he did in his country is kind of normal but could be ethical problem in other country..This should be club responsibility to train players who join from different culture and sometimes if emotion played then every thing could be ruin up and irrational..
• United States
30 Dec 11
Like I said, we are in a 21st century, and I believe every person on our planet is aware the harm of what he said can cause. I can understand about the culture difference, but this has nothing to do with a culture. If his culture allows discrimination, I sure he heard how offensive that words are in other parts of the world. I believe this bad incident could destroy the image of Liverpool football club. Also I believe if he is a Manchester United player, he would be history by now and would be packed on his way to his homeland, and thats what I was expecting the club like Liverpool to do so. Honestly, as a general, racism is a disease and has nothing to do with any culture, and we can not make excuses what he did.
• Indonesia
1 Aug 12
Liverpool may now need something that can make them come back lift morale, after several years of bitter experience the season. Although supported by great players such as Luis Suarez but liverpool are less able to control the attitude of the players, we'll see Luis Suarez to be done Racism against Patrick Evra, and it should soon be fixed by the management of Liverpool.
@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
3 Jan 12
i think Liverpool must support Luis Suarez..he is one of their player and become a good goalgetter.. don`t leave suarez alone when he get this problem. prove that liverpool and the fans behind of Suarez NB : iam not liverpool fans