DIspute with boss

December 29, 2011 4:06am CST
Sometimes really difficult if we have any dispute with our boss. We must taking care ourselves and not to share with our friends blindly. We will never know the situation if our friends know about it..Maybe sometimes we will hard to cover if our boss also showing his ego during meeting or in front of other office mates..However, we must act calmly and not to gossiping his attitude with our friends. Maybe we need somebody to talk, but ensure to talk with someone we trust and better somebody outside our organization or company..Somebody who will not broadcast the situation and able to calm us, better if they have good relationship with our boss as well, so they will understand and help to solve our problem.. What do you think? Have you ever experienced this kind of problem? How to solve and handle this situation?
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• Philippines
30 Dec 11
You know that there are boss that is not kind to you,or had bad attitude towards the worker..They are abusive,and push you much in work and also receive hurtful words... But if we work as a self employed i think we are the one who can demand us and do whatever we want ,and if you work in boss am sure it is different.....
@lupeng (82)
• China
30 Dec 11
oh,i know,i can understand you.i'm very disappointed with my boss too.she always let us do much work ,but we did'nt have any reward money at all.i can do many complex things everyday,and we always overtime to work.in fact ,if you do work over your time , your boss should pay your money,but my boss did't.my boss is a woman,may be women is more stingy than man.other department's boss always give his employees money reward when new year or holiday, but my boss not.i'm noly working 3months,the worktime is so short,i think if i should to insisted it several month?
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
30 Dec 11
We all have our own situation, and that really depends on what kind of boss you have. I personally have our supervisor who is understanding, and sometimes he is willing to help us. So, it won't be too much problem for us at all. Hopefully, all your problem won't be too much to handle.
29 Dec 11
If you like your boss, or like your company or like what you do then you should ask for a private meeting with your boss and share how you feel. I come from a relationship oriented culture and most things are resolved with private conversations. Telling the other person in this case your boss how you feel about the situation will help since there is a good chance of issue resolution.You are on the right track by not gossiping and only sharing it with peoople you trust. If you are selling your idea it needs to be foolproof. Before presentation at a meeting you should have poked holes in your presentation and asked a lot of friends for constructive criticism. You impress people with logic and knowledge.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
29 Dec 11
When I was working I used to be always having heated discussions with my bosses, and I might add I nearly always won as I was right in all discussions, I had worked for this company for many years and the Government type department kept bringing in managers that didn't really know the job...so I was always in the office...