moment that makes you cry no matter how long ago it was

@shiesse (308)
December 29, 2011 10:01am CST
Ever time I think of the birth of my oldest son I have to fight back tears. He is 9 and his birth wasn't the worst thing ever, but it just brings sad tears to my eyes. I adore my son and it isn't because he wasn't wanted but because after his birth the doctor put him on my chest for about 30 seconds and then took him away to nicu. I then could not see him for 24 hrs. He had difficulty breathing, but then he was fine and came home 5 days later and became a happy baby that is adored. Yet any time I think of his birth I get so sad. My youngest son had to have emergency surgery at 3 weeks old and would have died without it and thinking of that does not bring me to tears like my oldest sons birth does. Odd how such memories can envoke such a reaction while others do not. Do you have any memories that can bring you to tears?
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@ardieboi (195)
• Philippines
31 Dec 11
I actually can't think of a moment that makes me cry even if it was a long time ago. A movie comes in mind though. Armageddon, starred by Bruce Willis, is a movie that is virtually possible and it had a setting that touched me deeply. The thought of the world coming to an end and that one man sacrificed his life to save mankind. I kind of makes me think if i could do it myself.