If Dr. Jose Rizal is still alive in our new generation what could he be?

Pasay, Philippines
December 30, 2011 12:45am CST
Have you imagine already if Dr. Jose Rizal is alive or STILL ALIVE in our generation? (Regardless of his age) What do you think his ways in order for him to fight for our country? Do you think he is our President? Do you believe he wouldn't be a corrupt politician and he can control all those politicians that are corrupt? Do you also think that Philippines will be having progress in terms of economy and nature or environment? Or the Philippines will somewhat have difference compare today? What do you also think of innovative ways that he can be doing? Imagine this challenge as well How is he going to deal with Martial Law and communicate with Marcos by the time that he was a powerful person? How could he be in dealing with ERAP and GMA? What do you think his opinion in terms of RH Bill? Against or in favor? How do you think he would adopt in technology world? I believe there is a big possibility that he will be our President although I am not that sure what are his procedures for the improvement of our country. If he fought our country against the Spaniards then I believe he wouldn't put us in terrible situation and he will be against corruption though I am not sure if how could he control all those people that are corrupt. He have done many projects and published books, well not just focusing in Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. He could be a blogger as well in expressing ideas.
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• Philippines
30 Dec 11
I think if Rizal is still alive in the present, he'll be like his role in history, he'll be the guy form the sidelines and watching everything. He's not the star of the show but he's the shadow who thinks and evaluates away from the spotlight. I can't imagine him as a president because he will try to please everybody and to push for true nationhood. If he felt he failed at his time, that might be a lingering roadblock in the present. Besides, he might be awkward in answering personal questions about his family and his love life (like many other presidents). He's already familiar with infamy and scandal but I don't think that he will allow the public to meddle with his private life (Bracken, masonry and the Retraction allegations). Regarding corruption and otehr politicians, I can't hazard a guess. He wasn't really in a political faction or group. He was kinda associated with philanthropic or reform groups. But I think a barong on him will suit him. I can imagine him as a statesman though. If Rizal lived, probably he would have seen or offer opinions regarding successive foreign influences like the Americans and the Japanese. He would liked the Americans becuase of education and he would like the idea of being friends with other Asian countries. Although he might frown on the concept of war. In addition, I think Marcos would find him a bothersome person if they ever got into a debate or he could be bosom pals with Ninoy. I'm sure how he will communicate with Cardinal Sin. He might see Erap as a novelty - an actor rises to be the leader of a nation with a lot of mistresses and children. He might also be surprised because of the majority that Erap won. In case of GMA, he might see her as a pushover woman since she is credited as being 'mataray'. This applieson general impression. He would be torn on the RH bill because he values his Catholicism (if his Retraction is truly fake) but he also sees the logic of the bill. Regarding technology, I think he will find the Internet as a useful and engaging tool. He might end up as a blogger or commentary for various programmes. He might own an medium (probably a newspaper) and spend his days commenting and analyzing society.
• Davao, Philippines
30 Dec 11
I agree to most of your point of views. Rizal do not wish power or fame. He merely wishes what is naturally due to each person. Rizal would not be someone you will see with power, seeing as how he is just a man who wishes to learn new things and be with his family. I do not see him supporting any person in power such as Marcos, the Aquinos, Erap or GMA because just looking at the first three figures already gives you a hint that they hold power and you can never be too sure on how they use it. Yeah, I doubt the Aquinos more than I doubt my enemies. At least I know my enemies' dirt. It just made me wonder how come their reputation is so sparkling clean despite the blood they have in media. At least I know that Gloria herself did her best. The only downfall she had were the enemies she made and how her family is being used and manipulated. I pity her because against all those many people, she stood her ground for many years serving the country and leading it to what it is today. That fact only intensified when she was hospitalized. Her condition went only to that stage due to stress. In fact, all the benefits that our countrymen are having under the Aquino administration are due to her hard work and it's sad how blind and ignorant people are to praise Ninoy for that. And I know Rizal would feel sadder than I am in knowing that after this administration, Philippines would suffer more than before and this is not because of the Economic struggle of the world due to USA's problem but because of something our countrymen is blind to.
@Theresaaiza (10484)
• Australia
19 Jan 12
He's also probably being impeached from whatever position he has at present since everybody seems to be going down that road lately. But on a more serious note, he would have done a lot of good things today. May have moved the youth to be good leaders, good examples to younger generation and he never would allow corruption in the government. He would have made sure that everyone had proper education, so that no one has to be ignorant.
@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
3 Jan 12
I'm not anti-Rizal but i just heard this lesson from my Prof. Dr. Jose Rizal is declare as our national hero by America and not by our country and when in his generation they said he is Sobraculiente?.. (Im not sure in the word and spelling) But all of his classmate is also awarded the same honor. He also have a lot of girls on his time. But in my own opinion by not basing from our lesson he can be a good leader of our country he he can solve the problem in our education problem..
@Aja103654 (5658)
• Philippines
31 Dec 11
I think Dr. Rizal would be an influential man. He would still be a writer, I think. One who is known for his works, one who exposes the corrupt government the people have. If he's not careful, I think many corrupt people would be after killing him, try to have him assassinated. He would be so influential, many people would admire him and want him as a politician. I don't think he would want to be a politician. He's remain a writer, who would express his thoughts freely. He will probably inspire many people who will later on be more vigilant and brave enough to fight off corruption. When corruption has decreased, the economy might improve and the problems faced by the people would be solved little by little with proper support from the government.