Isn't MyLot Planning to Upgrade it's looks anytime soon?

Davao, Philippines
December 30, 2011 2:17am CST
When I first signed up into MyLot, a few years back, the site looked like this. I had a little difficulty adjusting to the surrounding since it has lesser graphics compared to sites that I was used to that I wished that myLot would change soon. After some time of focusing on doing some other things,forgetting MyLot altogether then remembering about it and returning to the site to try my hand in creating interesting discussions, I felt so at home because... everything still looked the same?! I noticed how fast different sites all over the net upgrades especially it's user interface. Everything is made simpler to understand and mobility for users to browse around the site is made better. The act of upgrading became the "'Who's the fastest in finishing updating and debugging gets the most users first' race". But myLot still managed to maintained it's interface despite the competition. I want to know if there is any user in myLot that wishes for the site to change how it looks. And if you are one of those, how would you want myLot to look? Can you provide details on what function, that currently exists, in the present myLot form you want to change?
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