How do you care your laptop?

December 31, 2011 4:32am CST
Laptop plays a vital role in each one of us especially if you use it almost everyday in order to complete some various tasks and other things. Caring it in order to maintain it in good condition is indeed, highly needed. My dear friends and fellow mylotters, how do you care your laptop?
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• Philippines
14 Jul 12
I am not so good at caring for laptops. In fact, I don't get to clean it on a daily basis like even just for simple swipes of dust and dirt. But I guess, by merely following the do's and avoiding the dont's in the manuals is already one way of caring for our laptops. For instance in the previous laptop that I owned, I was not aware of the instruction from the manual that I should not use the laptop inside the car when it is too hot outside and so goes with putting the laptop on bed while using it. But I used to do that before so it got damaged eventually. Now I am more careful with the new one and religiously follows the instruction manual.
• United States
9 Jan 12
What I do is some of what other do but me, I keep my labby inside the home, I do take the top too repair shop for upgrades. The up grade like one would be the video care, or a new keyboard because for some reason, kids like to bam the keys.
@shaieen (258)
• Philippines
7 Jan 12
I take care of my lappy by wiping the dusts away.For the LCD, I use a dust cleaner agent and spray on it. I also use a keyboard protector so that food particles won't go under the keyboard holes and one thing is I hate seeing keyboard letters worn out. Also, when I'm having projects that needs overnights/overday use of laptop I take off my battery so that it won't be heated much.
@daffdk (89)
• Denmark
3 Jan 12
I have a plate I stand it on, if Im sitting in the sofa or other place where the fan can be drowned, and doesn't get fresh air. Else I just use, maybe I should vacum it once in a while? Btw. got a mac pro, any good suggestions?
• United States
3 Jan 12
I usually dust mine off and vacuum it once a month. I usually run my anti virus once a week too.
@smacksman (6074)
31 Dec 11
The biggest problems with laptops are sitting on it; dropping it; getting it wet; and similar physical damage. Try not to use it on a soft surface like your lap (yes, I know they are called laptops!); on your bed; on a sofa. This is because the cooling vents under the lappy can get easily blocked and it will overheat. All electrical appliances attract dust by static electricity and laptops seem to collect more than most. Open up the back and use compressed air in a can to clean the fan and cooling fins. Wipe the screen with a damp, soft cloth and also clean the keys. Tip it upside down and run your fingers over the key to remove crumbs and other rubbish. Put aside some money each month to replace it.
@himzey (1321)
• India
31 Dec 11
Hi kaichoukebz To be honest I haven't been taking good care of my lappy and its starting to experience a few problems. And since it is out of warranty period I have stopped bothering about getting it fixed as well. Seriously, Ive made my beautiful jet black skin vaio a complete mess. Maybe its time I start caring about it again. ;)