NYE again

December 31, 2011 4:55am CST
Ok so it's not long before we say goodbye to 2011 & say hello to 2012...I hope everyone has a great time celebrating has a better year than this one seems to have brought to alot of people - especially with all the natural disasters that have happened. It's also the time of year when you can come out with silly sayings like oh, I haven's had a shower since last year & I haven't done any housework since last year & for those who go to sleep & don't see in the new year, it's I've been sleeping since last year lol... Do you have any silly sayings like that for this time of year?
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@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
4 Jan 12
Happy New Year! No celebrations for me in this state where "nothing ever happens" - not even a natural disaster to brighten up our miserable lives! I guess we should spare a thought for the Victorians who are now going through both fire & floods simultaneously. Mind you, the high temperatures did see a few chemical warehouses spontaneously combust... magnesium & petro-chemicals make a wonderful addition to the fireworks display! I haven't heard any of those sayings down here... maybe it's just a Queensland thing? If so, I should try it on the in-laws & they will find it funny.
• Australia
11 Jan 12
What about the snow Melbourne has had recently - very odd for this time of year...we have been getting it fairly hot up here but no natural disasters. Maybe the sayings are just me being silly lol... Hope you had a great new year.
• Adelaide, Australia
12 Jan 12
Oh no - I have heard similar sayings before like that from QLD'rs, just not those ones! I'll try 'em out when I'm up there next. Snow in Melbourne? I hadn't heard! Are you sure it's not a sneaky tourism ploy from Victoria to get innocent QLD'rs to come & visit? I got some work done done around the house (inside & outside) & spent less money this year than any other thus far - so yes, 'twas a happy New Year for me! You?