about Installing another operating system

By mor
Kiryat Ata, Israel
December 31, 2011 3:42pm CST
I wanted to install ubuntu 11.10 alongside my windows xp operating system. I followed a guide of 18 minuts from youtube about how to install ubuntu next to windows and the results were awfull : windows couldn't be loaded anymore and the ubuntu was not stable at all , everytime I opened the mozila , a white screen came up and the computer didn't respond. It also happened randomly when I opened directories or files. I found myself with a dead computer and I had to take it to the technician , he formated my hard drive after backing up my files , he installed windows 7 on my computer and this operating system is also unstable and crushes randomly as I work with it. At least I can choose "safe mode with network connection" and it is stable and I can do almost everything now. It is sad that I had to pay like 55$ and I could prevent the problem in first place. The guide on youtube was too optimistic and was not complet obviusly. What does it take to know about installation of operating systems before doing it ? Do I have to know about how the memory in the hard drive is being managed and how the operating system uses it ? Do I have to know how to prepare the hard drive for the operating systems ? Do I have to know how to burn the installation file to the cd ? Any advices and some links to more information will be welcomed.
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