December 31, 2011 10:10pm CST
I have been giving some thought to homeschooling my 10 year old son. I just moved to a new state, he would be starting a new school here. I do want him to have a social life, but I think that sports and other activities could take care of that. I have worked as a teacher and think I would be able to handle it. The only problem is I work full time, so I would have to find a day care or something till I get home.
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• United States
2 Jan 12
I'm sure you could find a home daycare provider who would be happy to keep him while you are at work. In fact, some might be THRILLED because he could probably help her out with the younger kids and he'd probably be pretty easy too. Where I live, in TX, you could easily find someone to watch him while you work for 75$ a week. Probably less. Some would probably charge you less b/c he'd be a good help. ALSO, you might find another homeschooling mom who would be able to keep him? Actually, you could probably find 2-3 homeschooling moms who could alternate days????? You could also just find a nanny or babysitter, there are lots of websites for people who would be thrilled to be a fulltime babysitter for him. Good luck!
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6 Jan 12
I am going to check on that, it would be great to find something like that here, we'll see. Thanks
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
1 Jan 12
If you are a teacher, and you have full confidence that your son will be educated enough under your watch, it shouldn't be a problem at all if your son just stay home for home schooling. But still, somehow he needs to participate school life sooner or later, and it will be much easier if he can adapt to it in his earlier age. Good luck!
1 Jan 12
Yes you are absolutely right, but he has been in school since pre-k to 5th grade. I just feel this is something that would be good for him. I don't work as a teacher anymore, but do occasional tutoring. My worry is that I just moved to a new state, and barely know anyone here and don't want to place him in a bad school.
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@beenice2 (2274)
• Canada
27 Sep 12
You put yourself so much obstacles just to do one very important thing, to homeschool your son. When I decided to stay home right after I got married, we had our first son, I wanted to teach him but didn't know how I would do that,than one of my friends told me it is easy you can homeschool him than you can see his progress in everything he does, I was so happy of the answer my good friend gave me, we considered to start him up at age 6 and never regretted it he is 20 now, and plus I homschooled my other kids too.
@kaka135 (14078)
• Malaysia
22 Sep 12
If you think your son has self discipline, I think there's no problem by you working full time and get him a day carer. Maybe you can just plan out what the curriculum will be for the week, then ask your son to complete it in the week. Then, after you have finished working, perhaps you can take two hours to teach him something new or spend the weekends to do so. I am thinking 10 year old child can self study if he is disciplined enough.