my cellphone died on me, now i am dreaming of buying a new one

@hotsummer (10449)
January 1, 2012 1:42am CST
my cellphone nokia 3530 which is a very old phone and is black and white and and 4 liner only. for text and call only. it just won't turn on any more. i just looked around the net to see what cellphone is good to buy. i was planning to buy a back phone again about the price or $25 but i just saw this NOkia c6-01. it was just soo good. but the prize i admit is so much higher about $400. i am just dreaming to own such a good phone. hopefully i can buy that one. but for now i am just planning to buy this basic locally made phone about $25 which is already a dual sim with no cam or radio.
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• India
3 Jan 12
hey, buying expensive phone is one of my hobby, but its the budget which make myself holding back. at that time i hold myself back by saying we need to buy phone according to the requirement and at present no need to buy that expensive phone.
@sjvg1976 (18403)
• Delhi, India
1 Jan 12
Hello Hotsummer, I also have a simple phone worth $100 i wanted to buy some costlier one but i did not because i know daily new models come and go so i should not spend much on phone and i should have a phone at least to be in contact with others. I think you must buy this local phone and once you will have money then go to buy that phone or may be at that time you may find some other latest model which could be in your budget.
@enelym001 (8333)
• Philippines
1 Jan 12
If you don't have enough money yet, then it's better to just buy the one that you can afford. So you can at least have a phone that you can use for texting and calling your friends. Later on, when you have enough savings for a good phone then you can buy one.
@succeednow (1637)
• Singapore
1 Jan 12
Hi hotsummer, What's wrong with your old phone? Could it be the battery? Nah, you've probably check that out already. If you do not need any of the features that come with the new type of phones then it's no point getting one. If you are using the phone just to make calls you should just get a simple and basic phone. In fact such phones are more reliable and hardy. I'm sure if you searched hard enough or go to eBay you may be able to get one just like your old one. But be careful and check that the offer is genuine and do your due diligence. Have a nice day.