Our Instincts

@srjac0902 (1170)
January 1, 2012 4:54am CST
Man is essentially a biological being even though he has spirit, intellect and reasoning powers. The human nature is something mysterious and unique. Man has been gifted by some instincts such as Self Preservation, Reproduction and continuity and social instinct. Man counts on his self as physical body and the psyche, he counts on reproductively and likes to create intimacy with selected persons, and he like to interact in his environment. He relates himself with those who live near him. Human behavior is governed by instincts and reasoning power. Man has his own attractions in life for himself and for those who belong to him. He forms some attitudes and chooses some values to live. By nature man seeks beauty truth and knowledge. Man has some priorities for which he organizes all his activities to achieve them. Sometimes the instinct and the values may go in conflict. Man is cable of suppressing his instincts and choose values. When man chooses his values he meditates and contemplates towards achieving these values. He likes to succeed and reach his goal. He is ready to renounce everybody and everything in order to reach his goals and realize his values.
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2 Jan 12
Man is pretty instinctual, and man has abilities they didn't even know that they have, but they have to be able to get in touch with the higher consciousness.
@kingparker (9698)
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1 Jan 12
Maybe what you said is truth. We all man have our own characteristics in life, and we value something differently from person to person. That is why we have different personalities, and we usually choose to do things in different style. I want to be something different from others too, and that is my genuine instinct I guess.