@Archaiwy (599)
January 1, 2012 6:39am CST
My job is teaching.Before going to college,i want to become a teacher,because i think being a teacher can make myself relaxed compared to other jobs.What i want to do is do what i like without others' interference.But nowdays it's more and more difficult to teach .The student are so naughty,so reluctant to study.They are interested everything except study.What's your opinion about the job as a teacher?
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@Bamboee (645)
• United Arab Emirates
1 Jan 12
Being a teacher is a very noble profession. Because out of the many naughty kids you will come across. I am sure that you will be able to influence someone's life in a very positive way and bring them to the right direction. In our culture we consider teacher as the second mother. Children do look up and idolize their teachers and professors. Do not give up, yes children will always be difficult and they get even more difficult we just have to perfect our ways to get through them and make them right. The feeling of accomplishment of teaching children, its just amazing and I think you will always be grateful for choosing this profession. Best of luck my friend, Do not give up!
@Archaiwy (599)
• China
2 Jan 12
thank you very much.i do benefit a lot from the profession.When i came to a new city to do my job after graduation ,i knew nobody.It was the students acompanied me,making me not feel lonely. Some of my first students become my best friends.They help me a lot.i am gratful to this.
• United States
1 Jan 12
I taught for over 8 years in the public school system. After I had about 4 years experience I chose to go to a very difficult school to teach there. i loved it! Were the kids unruly? Yep! Did they want to study? Nope! But I loved every second of it and actually still miss it a lot. It was a difficult, challenging and energy sucking job - I won't kid you! But I loved every moment I spent in the classroom!
@wulania (1528)
• Indonesia
1 Jan 12
i am a teacher too, form teacher position in aprivate primary school. i enjoy teaching my students at class even sometime they are so busy and make noise and dirt. but that is kids.