Do You Believe that Dreams Have Sometimes Meaning and do come True?

Davao, Philippines
January 1, 2012 6:41am CST
Lately I have this dream that bothers me. I dreamed a poisonous snake got into my way and when it almost bit me, I woke up. I shared this dream with a friend and she told me that my dream has a meaning. In fact, she said, it is some kind of a warning. She said that I should be careful and not to put my whole trust on a friend or even a loved one, because according to her, somebody close to me is going to betray me. And that traitor to be is someone I know and whom I trust. But one thing good in what she said is that, the fact that I was not bitten by the snake in my dream, that means...that 'traitor' won't succeed in betraying me. Although, I really don't believe entirely in what my friend has told me about her 'interpretation' of my dream, still I'm a little bothered about it...Do you believe that dreams have sometimes meaning and sometimes do come true?
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@moneywinner (1866)
• Brazil
1 Jan 12
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• Brazil
1 Jan 12
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@megamatt (14327)
• United States
3 Jan 12
Dreams are a rather funny thing, as no matter how long people have been trying to understand, they will really understand the full meaning of them all of the time. But really, we are going to try. Try as we might, we are not going to divine the ultimate purpose of dreams. Perhaps, the true purpose of dreams as that they are just going to get us thinking, to chase after an explanation that really doesn't really exist. Still it is rather fascinating to really think about dreams. Perhaps they are given hidden clues to some mysteries of our lives. Things that we rack our brains for during the day. However, when we are really at a loss at really a lot of times. Then again, it could be bringing our deepest rooted fears into a more abstract manner that occurs right in the dream world. There are many interpretations of a dream in any manner.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
2 Jan 12
Sometimes dream come to us from our subconscious minds. It is indeed something that we should take notice ourselves, sometimes when we dream, it tells us, warns us about the impending things to come to us... =) because like in the bible, dreams serve as a warning... if we are only able to make out of it some sense it will help us understand what we should get ourselves into...
@min8esign (168)
• Indonesia
2 Jan 12
For me the dream was an inspiration that was given by God, though not all from God. in my opinion, it's good for you for not really believing on the dream that you have experienced. If your dream was good, suppose it was a reward for what you did before. and if it's bad dream, consider it a warning for you - so you can move more cautiously.