seen Ghost?

@Nigildas (169)
January 3, 2012 6:04am CST
hey friends i have asked this a lot of times to many of my friends and family members and still have not arrived at a conclusion? DO GHOST REALLY EXIST? Has anyone seen it, there is a friend of mine who says lot of stories about ghosts and he claims to have met one. But i am still in a dilemma whether to believe or not? Have u seen any? If so pls share ur experience. I love reading and hearing ghost stories.
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• India
4 Jan 12
Once I was returning from a party. It was late at night and my uncle was drunk and driving. He was so drunk that he forgot the way back home and we reached a very spooky place. This place is renound for ghosts. I never believe in ghosts... but what happened that night, I cannot forget. I had goosebumps like I never had before. I saw a ghost. It was a woman wearing white. She was standing all alone. I was so scared I took over the wheel and drove as fast as I could. It was a very bad experience...
@sumatix (258)
• United Arab Emirates
4 Jan 12
one of our friend shared this story of their own rendezveous with ghosts(i guess).well they dont claim to see some one but they had some experience which were paranormal.he and his wife moved to a new was a huge one.everynight when they were to bed and switch off the lights some strange sounds of people talking and horses neighing and running and galloping used to come.he is a tough guy so he use to check around the whole villa but never found anyone.and that villa was not in some remote area its in the urban area and many more in the lane. bulbs use to flash,some even burst.sounds filmy but reality..they got the electric system cheked but all was day the shandilier fell just nr to one guest.and all were so afraid so that was the last day and they decided to leave..that villa is still there..
4 Jan 12
I believe in the supernatural to a pretty extreme extent haha. I love stories about ghosts and the like. My younger brother, mother and grandma have all had experiences with spirits and their stories only make me wish I could have some form of contact with one :]
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
3 Jan 12
i don't know weather what i see is a ghost or not but when i was a kid i saw same person in two different places. The person is my brother and it happen when i was a kid. First i saw him on the road going to the beach on one afternoon before dark, he ask me to join him to the beach but i don't want to then i go to the beach house. inside the beach house i see my brother again and he was sleeping. This was the strangest thing that ever happen to me because i just saw my brother heading to the beach and few minutes after that i saw him again sleeping on the beach house.
3 Jan 12
hey too,,,i have experience.when i meet with my family, my father see ghost on the top hose.
3 Jan 12
I have never seen a ghost, but there is one place in the woods near my parents house where there are never any birds, nor bird song. It's very strange, lovely tall trees, a small river, bushes, grassy hillside, but in that one spot (which I have walked through many times) never any birds. It's a little odd, but not a ghost.