Getting Information About Sickness.

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January 3, 2012 3:56pm CST
Sometimes it is very interesting to know about some sicknesses and have pre-caution without dramatizing it. Recently I read about walking Pneumonia is is mider than the normal pneumonia which is caused by the bacteria, viruses, fungi, chemicals and inhaled food. The simple effect of being infected by pneumonia is the lung getting infected. People living in cowded places, schools, public or charitable sheltes easily get infected by Walking pneumonia. This disease is contagious. Some can recognise this disease by watching people sneezing coughing and suffering from running nose. Some may get skin rash, excessive tiredness, sore throat, and headache But these symptoms can be common with other catagory of fever. There may be symptoms of flue and trembling with chill. One cannot draw conclusion for certain that one has a particular type of sickness. It is compulsory to consult a certified doctor and take the medicine under his prescription. Otherwise self healing approach may affect adversely.
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4 Jan 12
I've had pneumonia. I have had Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Laryngitis, and you pretty much name it. I'm used to getting sick, but I am developing an immunity to most of this stuff now because of how many times I have been sick with most of them.