Hard To Pick A Choice!

@xien2xien (1383)
January 3, 2012 11:14pm CST
It's really the hardest thing to do in life is picking a choice, cause we all know we can't really have it all, once we make a choice we'll definitely lose the other part. In relationship there are thousands and millions who can turn out to be your partner, but how will you know if he/she is the one for you? Would you consider listing down some characteristic that may pass your taste? Would you consider the thought of just follow whom your heart will beat? Would you consider pick as many as you can then one by one eliminate the least choice? How would you make your choice? share your opinions
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@zaaaan (26)
4 Jan 12
hey..remember 1 thing ,no one can answer this question coz no one knows this.god has paired us with some one special,the only thing we have to do is find that special one among these billions of people."some one ,some where ,is made for you"..
@xien2xien (1383)
• Philippines
4 Jan 12
then when we finally found someone whose meant for us how would we know that he/she is the one?
@jennyze (7048)
• Indonesia
29 Feb 12
I am confused, too. Often I thought of meeting the best ones, but it turned out to be false Either my heart stopped fluttering over him or he stopped flattering me like he used to be...