Movie that I recomended

January 4, 2012 8:39am CST
This movies is based on true story His name is Top Ittipat When he is 16: he is game addicted When he is 17: he is drop out from school and start selling chestnut When he is 18: his family is bankrupt and even still have debt 40 million bath (Thailand currency) When he is 19: he create a food - seaweed cracker "Tae Kae Noi" which means "Young Businessman" and can enter 7-eleven store to be sell. When he is 21: he paid all his family debts. When he is 26: he become a solo distributor of Tae Kae Noi in Thailand. His income reached 800 million bath/year and have 2.000 employee. Today his product are all around the world. This movie has becoming my inspiration to never give up hope, to do everything my very best. This movie teach me a lot of things such as the relationship with family and friends. A movie that you must watch. You can also see the trailer in youtube
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