It is really possible to make $10000-$20000 a month online?

January 4, 2012 11:33am CST
Yeah, you heard right. It is possible to make $10000-$20000 a month online. But it is possible only if you lots of skills like graphic designing, web developing, good writing skills etc. The combination of these skills makes you earn thousands of dollars a month. Also it's very easy to start from here They have lots of sites network. You can earn money from these networks by posting high quality pictures taken from your camera shot (if you are photo suiter), by posting scripts like PHP, CSS, Javascript (if you are a webdeveloper), by posting graphic design you made in photoshop, illustrator, by posting 3d objects (if you know 3d design, software like Maya3D), by posting your original tunes, audio, video. These site has huge traffic and marketplace members. I already post my 1st project which is script made in javascript. I earned $48 dollar in only 30-40 days by only posting one script. Though i am a beginner and i don't know much about web languages and graphic design (like photoshop), but when i learn these language and softwares then i bet these sites will make me earn for a living.
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@iklananda (1204)
4 Jan 12
no way except if you have a site.
• India
4 Jan 12
See with your own eyes how many people are making of it and how much. Go any of this site network of These are,,, etc. But before becoming a member you have some skills which i discussed in my post.
@mehek18 (57)
16 Jan 12
Hello Ashish. Thanks for sharing such information.I am glad that you made so much money.You made my goal seem achievable.Thanks a lot.
@DoctorDidi (7030)
• India
7 Jan 12
Earning such a huge amount online is next to impossible unless you have some extraordinary skill like those that have been mentioned by you.
@LaDeBoheme (1992)
• United States
4 Jan 12
"But it is possible only if you lots of skills like graphic designing, web developing, good writing skills etc." And that says it all in a nutshell. Sure, it's possible to make real money on the web, but YOU NEED THE SKILL and the KNOW-HOW. Only the BEST of the best make the big money because graphic design and web development are highly competitive fields. I think it is great you were able to sell a javascript you wrote. Most online users/surfers cannot write simple HTML much less javascript or any of the other scripting languages.