Nationality when buy new car

January 4, 2012 5:07pm CST
We must proud of our country and must try to respect our products which made in our country, at least trying to use it. Recently, one of the city major really proud to buy and use the car made by young technical students in his town. He has decided to order dozens of cars for duty car for him and also his subordinates. However, his decision being blamed by governor who said the decision was fool without thinking about quality and safety since the car seems lack of those. Understand that this local car with only tein cam engine may have many weaknesses but still worth to try and with very low price which only one third of car price in market, I think it is going to be great but need sometime to do improvement here and there. What do you think? Do you think that kind of nationality to support countrymen is wrong?Will you buy a car made in your country?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
4 Jan 12
I think it ios great to support anything made in your own country, it is a wise thing to do but you must weigh up cost, quality and features, home grown or home built products must compete with all so if they stand up to the rest of the market then yes support your country made products.
• Indonesia
5 Jan 12
well, appreciate for your response.. You are right, we must try to support our country made even the quality of the products still below par..We must give opportunities for the car maker to develop and improve the products, I am sure every thing always has starting points and no invention directly perfect without any adjustment at all..So this will be best for our country in the long run..
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
4 Jan 12
Hello, Yeah, i will support the car that made by my country because i must support our products because i know that i am one of them. And it is cheap and affordAble which they offer though i know people will question me in the quality but still it doesnt matter to me as long as i help my people and my country at the same time. We should not question there product because they made that to make us proud to them. So, stop being crab mentality or stop judging first lets give them a try.
• Indonesia
5 Jan 12
well, I agree with you..There something wrong about those who always talking crab and nonsense which is not right for our country..even though they looks right at some points but throwing those kind of comments in front of public is not appropriate at all..We should trust our fellow countrymen since they have working hard and only need full support from all nation people so that they will have higher confident level to develop and improve the quality of the product itself...appreaciate for your response..
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
6 Jan 12
I am very proud of that have been done by the children of Technical Engineering School. They are able to make cars. Unfortunately, I can not afford, buy cars they make. I do not have money to buy a car. I can only help them, with prayer. Hopefully, they succeeded.
• India
5 Jan 12
yes, i will buy a car made in my countryry than the car made in the other country.i would say i love to invest in my country more than in the others country, in order to help my country. the ideas introduced by that man is really appreciating and will be worth taking. i thing country will have to peep in the mind of that countryman. they will come up with more ideas and conclusion. the initiation he has done to sell cars in the low prize is appreciating. and all what country had to do is help him more so he can transform his idea into new one.