January 5, 2012 6:20am CST
Anybody playing Call of C'thulu on line, I've played it in private with friends, but we've got a bit of a time / distance problem at the moment cant all seem to be in the same place at the same time. I don't have the time to build the tools required for WEB play, wondered if anybody had seen / used / could recommend something.
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• Indonesia
5 Jan 12
I don't know what is it, I though it just Metallica song title "Call of K'tulu". I love this instrument. Can you tell me more about this game ? How to play ?
5 Jan 12
You need atleast three people, one to run the game, they would know the full story and guide the others through the story, it's useful it the person runnning the game has used the syetem before and is a quick thinker. you'd also need a copy of the rules, which should be available on amazon or you local RPG store. the person runnig the game will provide basic details of a story and the investigators have to visit the fictional library / police station / murder scene / morgue and roll against their character skill to see if they find the hidden clues, shoot the villain, find the artice in the newspaper archive Oh one other thing it's mostly base in 1920s america, though many storyes travel the world Its very interesting, and fun