Happy Drinking!!

January 5, 2012 5:39pm CST
People nowadays are overindulge with alcohol. as a result, they create unwanted scenes and crimes in the society. Crime rate has increased due to excessive drinking of alcohol. They need some help I guess. Well, people drink to overcome stress and loneliness but self-control should be practiced. We know that drinking alchohol isn't helpful thus giving additional problems. It complicates things if we don't know how to control our behaviour. I rarely drink but sometimes I want to drink excessively whenever I am suffering from sadness and worries due to some matter. But i always see to it that I am still in control of myself. Well , I don't drink alcohol that much these days. I try to avoid it. Happy myloting!
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6 Jan 12
Hello Tess would you like to go get a drink and maybe get drunk I know a nice club we could hang out at and shoot pool, listen to music and chill. what'a say, how bout it!