How to fight boredom?

@masang (295)
January 6, 2012 3:59am CST
It's new year but I find myself bored. I really wanted just to stay at home instead of going to my workplace. I always feel tired that's why I am always asleep while going to work. I really wanted to resign from my present job but I can't because it's my bread and butter. What shall I do? I really feel bored and lifeless!
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@jsmalong (109)
6 Jan 12
When I am bored, it is very difficult for me to get motivated. Being bored is like I am at my "lowest ebb". So I need to get energized by "shaking a leg", usually walking outside my garden and appreciating the beauty of nature. Then take a shower followed by a cup of strong coffee to keep me alive and kicking again. For me, the best motivation when boredom sets in, is to focus at the goals and aspirations that I would like to achieve in life.
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
6 Jan 12
hello, It is normal if you are bored either I, I super bored to school and I really want to work. Make yourself enjoy in different things that makes you happy. You should stay in your work because life is not easy and it is the part of working.
@mohkanari (1957)
• India
6 Jan 12
Doing the same job in which there isn't anything creative bring boredom. But when it is our bread and butter attending the working place in unavoidable. We should bring a circle of friendship at or nearby the working place. Some interesting matters would occur in that circle which would bring some energy to attend the working place.
@mensab (4205)
• Philippines
6 Jan 12
there are many ways to fight it out. just get yourself excited with the day. when you go to the grocery store or shop, greet everyone with a smile. people will talk to you openly and you will realize how interesting other people are. visit some places near your place and smile at them. or just begin your day with a smile. and keep it the whole day. smile.
@mahanthi (28)
6 Jan 12
Human life is the most challenging life and the success people are those who makes it more challenging . One will enjoy the life once started to make things which are really challenging.