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January 6, 2012 7:42pm CST
Hi I just want to say that i don't mind being a 22 year old gamer... I was actually thinking about writing game reviews (league of legends, minecraft, final fantasy, warcraft...)so i've came up with an idea... yes, you've probably heard it all before... but I've gathered some friends, started brainstorming, and came up to an idea to start our own gaming site with-forum, videos, photos, blogs, newsfeed just like in facebook, real time chat bar (facebook style). we've already created our website, twitter, youtube and facebook account and now we're providing content 24/7 with videos of game reviews, fail pictures and other videos, creating topic on our forum (League of legends is the hottest one) and few of my friends started to write a blog about Star wars and world of warcraft... After time i thought to myself that it would be nice if we recieved some new members to help us post valuable (solve problems on forums, write, add videos etc, etc) content... or just to read our stuff :D we're not making that site for money but for fun, but if it will show profit, we're prepeared to share it with members that helped us build the portal. So we're actually in a faze of creating our game portal... after we've created a site we also hired team speak 3 server... and we've reached 50 members and are prepearing ourselfs to kick off with our own video reviews soon... if you're interested helping us please contact me on private :D WE PLAY UNITED :D
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• India
4 Feb 12
Hey filip ,it sounds to be a good idea. I am ready to be a part of it. You can message me whenever you read this response of mine. I tried to message you but since u r not my frnd yet i cannot msg u.I have sent u a request although.:)