January 7, 2012 1:09am CST
I was jsut looking at some of the pictures on here of rabbits and was in shock to see how many of them were being housed in cages with wire floors!!!! this is illegal were i live and it should be every were!!! rabbits on wire floors will develop something called sore hock if untreated it can kill them and is EXTREMELY PAINFUL also reading alot of the posted on here i was shocked at how many people keep their rabbits outside! this is disgusting you would not dream of locking you cat or dog in a cage and forcing them to live out side (well some people would but they should be shot as it is inhumane!!!!) also completely shocked at home many people keep their rabbits in cages would you buy a dog or cat and allow them to live out their lives in some tiny cage they can hardly move in?? I will not be able to sleep tonight thinking of all the rabbits out their living in these horrible conditions .......that is my rant for the day as i sit here with my bunny curled up on the bed beside me it makes me so upset when people have no idea how to take care of an animal if you can not take care of an animal properly do not get it and ALWAYS spay / Neuter your animals!!!
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@maximax8 (28258)
• United Kingdom
18 Jan 12
I had rabbits when I was a teenager and the males were all neutered. One was sold to us as a female but he turned out to be a male. Sally and Tiggy had seven babies and we found a loving home for two of the rabbits. We lovingly kept all the others. They lived in wooden rabbit hutches with waterproof roofs. They were let out in the garden in an area wired in so they were safe from foxes. Some rabbits live in a wooden hutch and go out into a spacious run in the daytime. That seems a lovely way to keep a rabbit. The floor in the hutch should be solid and newspaper can be put down so the rabbits can urinate on it. A nest of hay and is appreciated to keep them warm in the night time. The hutch must be safe from foxes. Rabbits should not sit on a wire floor because that would be very cruel indeed. My sister had two ducks called Pinky and Orangy. They lived in a shed in the night time and in the day time swam in their pond. They had a safe area with wire fencing with a roof to prevent foxes getting them. They could sit on the land or swim in the water. They had a happy life and so did all the rabbits I am happy to say. My first rabbit I got at four years old. In those days she had the run of the whole garden and went in her hutch in the night time. Luckily in those days they weren't any foxes around. Though in my teenage years there were loads of foxes around even in the day time!
• Canada
18 Jan 12
were i live it is just to warm to keep rabbits outside in the summer and it gets way to cold (3-4 feet of snow as well) in the winter that is so dangerous for them to be outside my last rabbit had a pen i would put her in in the spring and fall so she could enjoy the fresh air but the summer was just to hot. not to mention all the predators we have here, cats, coyotes, hawks, wolves, possums foxes, etc
@beenice2 (2274)
• Canada
14 Jan 12
I understand that if the bottom of the rabbit cage is with wire can really hurt there paws.We have a good cage the bottom is in plastic, we bought it at the pet store with the bunny.( kit).
• Canada
16 Jan 12
generally store bought rabbit cages are to small for rabbits they also require a very minimum of 4 hours out of their cage every day my bunny has free run when i'm home once i leave for work he is in his cage which is custom made 4 feet by 3 feet with two levels
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
7 Jan 12
I get terribly upset when I see how some animals are treated, people don't seem to think animals have feelings, this is why when I give to charities it is always animal charities, they deserve so much better.
• Canada
11 Jan 12
I work at a no kill shelter were i am in charge of small animals and it absolutely breaks my heart seeing the way people think its exceptable to keep these animals the worst is when i have some transfered in from other shelters and they come in in horrible condition makes you want to cry