Being Nobody

@srjac0902 (1170)
January 7, 2012 2:44pm CST
Mother theresa said that One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody. That is the beggese cause for suffering. Being unwanted. This applicable not to the poor alone but even in rich and elite families. There isn'nt more a crushing suffering than this to be not wanted. She went little further saying let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. Rendering a person happy can be a mission possible to all. Man is not a beast. He is essentially a rich reservoir of love. Then being a miser for what end. In life we ourselves have so many wound and we even might have become hardliners. We may have sufficient reasons to be so. Yet man's primary vocation is to love. By loving we will be loved. To begin to love it would be just enough to smile. It would be just enough to look into the eyes of our neighbor and smile. Just sa "Hello" or "goodmorning". Often we load our hearts with a heavvy load and to what end? Often when we discard a person, it is not always because that person is guilty. But we become hardliners towards a particular person even without a genuine reason. If we feel sympathy towards a person, even if that person is arrogant, we feel attuned to friendship. But the nobility of being human appeals to our heart to love all whom we encounter and love unconditionally.
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@marguicha (106553)
• Chile
9 Jan 12
I loved this post, friend. I read your posts all the time but seldom do I have anything to add as you state things but you ask nothing. Yet now I just want to tell you that those thoughts moved me deeply.
@Afeez91 (47)
• Kuwait
7 Jan 12
I don't understand why people are been hated, I wonder why some are arrogant, thugs, rascal etc. So many people send you amessage through your dress because to receive a good message. You have to dress reponsible, smell responsibly and have a good manner. Sharing of love creat peace and unity, it join different ''TRIBAL'l to become one........ But it had to forgive and forget for about 70% of people. Some are selfish. But love is a world! It's good to share it.......let so some love? It's good