@srjac0902 (1170)
January 7, 2012 3:02pm CST
Thomas Merton, though an enlighened great mystic is he, prayed often saying that he has no idea where he is going. He could not see the path ahead of him, nor did he know for certain when he would end up. He said though he was thinking that he was trodding the path towards God yet he did not mean that he was trodding it sincerely. Then he continued saying that on thing for certain was in him, that is a strong desire to meet the Lord and he believed that this desire to meet the Lord was genuine in him. Buddha perhaps advocated saying that desire is the cause of all evil. But the desire will lead towards sincere effort and the efforts will lead to experience. Often we follow a religion, we love God and His Cause with a sincere desire. But upon this earth no one can confirm us that we are on the way of perfection. All that man can do is to desire for this end, that is to meet the Lord. We need daily effort to desire and strive. God has given us time to strive continuously. Very few may reach to that sublime enlightenment upon this earth. Even then man is daily enriched by grace and if he sicerely and whole heartedly so desires to experience God, surely God shall reveal Himself to Him. Faith is a matter of faith. The external agencies can strongly influence man to stimulate his innerself but it is ultimately God who enables him to have an inner disposition to welcome Hid Divine presence.
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