Youtube cars, look at your dream cars before buying them, or if you can't....

@deodavid (4150)
January 9, 2012 12:03am CST
Well hello my mylot colleagues , hope everybody is bright and shiny today. Anyway i just had a thought and i would just like to share them with you. I have always been fascinated with beautiful cars that are not only aesthetically great but also are very efficient. Every day lately I had been downloading lot's of car reviews in you tube for my own reviews in my blog (not plagirizing just getting ideas and, because of the fact that i can't get a hold of these cars) ( which is wrong since you shouldn't review stuff that you haven't driven, But anyway it's just insight ang brochure info that i give) anyway , but anyway Youtube is a great media in that sense and I love it that way cause it atleast let's me see my favorite cars. If you can't buy then, just watch it, maybe one day with hard work you;ll get it.
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@Lhenni (1246)
• Philippines
10 Jan 12
Well, that's what we can really do. To just watched it in youtube *sigh! But I'm not really a car lover *LOL... but hubby and my eldest son were!