What happens if you answered the same blog 3 times thinking you writing on other

@unique16 (1531)
United States
January 9, 2012 11:15am CST
Hello, I thought I was anwering a different blog and realised it was the same blog 3 times over is there a way to delete your answer of the same blog? The other two blogs have been deleted which I did not know? why have them listed if there are deleted and allow people to post to them... any help would be greatly appreciated? Will I be penalized for that? Thanks Unique16
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@lifes97 (885)
• United Arab Emirates
10 Jan 12
thats funny i didnt do that thing, but if you did, then how you did it or what happended did the blog writer tell you something, was the article that much intersting that you didnt notice taht you answered it already or what, good luck yea