Transforming "Today"

@srjac0902 (1170)
January 10, 2012 1:54pm CST
I must know a reality for certain that "Today" is in my power to transform it if I want to. I can make a difference today if I want to. Today in my health condition, I am able to transform it. "Yesterday" has escaped from me. I am nor very sure to see "Tomorrow". But "today" is in my power and I am the mastrer of it. I shall make it as different "today". The first thing I begin to open the windows early morning and let the fresh air in, at least for a while. I gaxe upon the morning sky and enjoy the rising sun. I smile at it and try to absorb its ultra violet light. I prepare myself neat and tidy and sit gazing the sky. I breath rhymically and slowly. I try to concentrate on the light and repeat some affirmations: " Today is better than yesterday" "Today success is mine" "Today is a fruitful day" "Today I shall transform this day" "Today it shall be a gift of mine for many" I go on repeating some affirmations. I try to smile to the fullest. If I can I go for a walk or do some exercises. I try to help prepare the breakfast. I try to greet my family members with a smile and affection. I shall be gentle and serve my family members. I talk soft, I listen to others with love and intimacy. I shall try to speak all that is positive and pour love as I utter every word. I overlook all that is negative and become tolerant. I shall not repeat others mistake. I shall not repeat a single negative word today at any cost. I forgive everyone and just smile. I try to do atleast one single good deed with altruistic spirit free without expecting anything in return. I nourish within me that that is positive. Today I shall read at least one page on good inspirational thoughts. I shall repeat atleast two positive sentences I read today. I recognize the goodness shown by others to me, therefore I smile at them and say "Thank You". I shall repeat atleast one positive remark about others today. I shall appriciate someone today. I shall gaze on the setting sun in the evening andrecall all the experience I had today. I shall thank God for my entire life today. After my supper, when I retire to bed I shall thank God for this day. This is a special day for me. This day is my gift that I offered with love and commitment for others who share my life. I shall go to sleep with a smile and say Lord please one more day to be a gift for others.
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@marguicha (100099)
• Chile
12 Jan 12
I agree with you that all we have is the present. The understanding of this has helped me a lot when hard times come. I try my best to do something useful each day, no matter how little a thing is. It helps me and sometimes I get a smile from someone elseĀ“s face