Truth serum

Calgary, Alberta
January 11, 2012 1:08am CST
(this is a fantasy thread, if you are not into it, dont post) Lets say you have a bottle of truth serum, its a formula that can make a person lost his or her ability to lie. which means if you spill drops of this formula to a person's drink they will lose their ability to lie and the only thing they can say is the truth and nothing but the truth. If you spill drops of this liquid to someone's drink, who will be your victims? why would you like them to lose their abilities to lie.
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• India
11 Jan 12
ye i am into it.speaking lie is not ability its a disability. and that serum is going to deserve noble prize. i recon scientist must be working on it. if i am allowed to use this kind of serum i would love to experiment it on the politicians.
• Calgary, Alberta
12 Jan 12
Its easier to target politicians for sure, if you put that on your spouse it could ruin the marriage cos lies is sometimes needed in the relationship.