Newest PTC site to raise upgrade fee....

@coffeebreak (17820)
United States
January 11, 2012 11:00am CST
Well, as I have been saying...PTC is going down hill just like the GPT did. I started at 60 sites! Penny and 1/2 penny clicks. That was about 3 years ago. I have gradually ended it with all but 3 due to the site either scamming me and not paying me at cash out, raising prices for this and that and lowering ad view clicks to 1/100th of a penny! Yes, that means click 100 times to earn a penny! Bad enough at 1/10th where you click ten ads for a penny. Then they all started raising their upgrade fee or even charging a fee. I was down to stopped the GPT all together saying (she just bought the site from someone else) saying that PayPal froze her account and saying it was a gambling thing. Then Clix Sense started lowering their ad clicks to 1/100 and 1/10th clicks. And they started getting few and far between on the one centers. Then they raised their upgrade yearly fee. So I ended it there. Now, WOrd Linx has started lowering their ad clicks to mostly 1/10th ads and a few one and 1/2 centers. Then they did the thing where you have to stay on the page until the timer runs out..okay, I can understand that, they want to make sure you are reading the ad! But then, when I read the ad, and am interested in the opportunity,,,if I click within the ad for more info about the opportunity...the timer pauses! When I am done reading the ad, and go backa to the main page, the timer picks up again! I just don't have time for this and do it all and then still have the possibility that I don't earn the cent. Now...they have raised their upgrade fee to $15 from $10 saying basically..."everyone else is raising theirs so we will to". I get about 5 cents a day...if I catch it at the right time. collecting the $10 cash out mini at 5 cents a day and making sure I plan my day on the PC around those times...I could do the math to see how many months it'd take, but I don't want to. So...I haven't fully decided yet as to if I will leave Word Linx but things are not looking good for staying. How do you all feel about the current status of PTC sites? It was a nice little "mad money" maker and I am not saying I am not willing to work for a little bit, but still...there is a point of no return. Have you reached yours?
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