Did Conrad Murray receive just sentence for accidently killing Michael jackson?

United States
January 11, 2012 6:23pm CST
Did Conrad Murray receive just sentence for accidently killing Michael Jackson? Dr. Murray probably should be thankful he did not receive more because he took an oath to protect. I understand that Michael was manipulating with money and fame but Dr. Murray had a duty to be more responsible. First he should have hired two full time nurses. Even if he was not paid he should have sacrificed and done it. Out of his own money. There was alot at stake and he could not leave to chance the possibility of what happened could have happened. If he took the job without up front pay it would have been worth to have extra back in case he had to leave. He had to have someone watching Michael all the time he knew what type of mindset he was in and he had to protect the patient under his care even if the patient was not protecting himself. As a doctor there were many ways he could have maipulated Michael to believing he was taking Profol the drug that eventually killed him. He should have never gave him this job out of the hospital. Certainly never without the proper equipment. However it is understood that Michael was cryting for it which was a psychological problem. Dr. Murray had to find other means to work with his patient. I would have lied and said it was propfol but never given him that drug. There had to be better ways. As a physician I would have found them.
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