What kinds of vegetable wil you be growing in your growing this year?

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January 11, 2012 7:19pm CST
I am buying a house and will be putting in an organic garden. I will be enriching the soil by putting composted horse and cow manure and letting it set until spring when I will turn it under. I will also check to see what else is needed in the way of organic material to help the soil and crops that I will be growing. Some of the crops that I plan on growing this year are strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, corn, beans, onions garlic ( I will plant again in the fall for the garlic), some water mellons and also lI plan on looking through several seed catalogs to see what wlse I might want to grow. I want to have a cover crop for green manure so that I can turn it over in the next spring. What else can you think of that I shoud do to make sure that my garden grows well?
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@Anne18 (11036)
10 Apr 12
I shall be growing lettuces, carrots, stawberries, peas beans etc, everything that is easy to grow nad doesn't take up much space. My children are already growing lovley things in there gardens such as beetroot and carrots. Hope your garden grows very well
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15 Apr 12
There are 4 adults in this household so we will be making the back yard an organic garden or at least most of it. It is still too early to start a garden here in wester Taxachussett but next onth we will be turning over the soil and adding compost and rabbit manure and what ever else we can get for free or cheap to help grow the garden easily. I plan on getting soaker hoses to eave next to the rows to conserve water and straw to mulch to help keep water from splashing on the fruits and vegetable and having them rot as well as conserving water. We will be growing tomatowe in bags that we will havn from the back porch like the "topsie Turvy" b ags as seen on TV but much cheaper. Just guessing but I think tha tthe garden will be about 20 foot by 30 or 40 foot. Of course wee will be growing the three sisters shich are corn, beans and squash, growing together, Corn going in first and when the corn is about 6 inches tall the beans will be planted so that the beans will help with the nitrogen in the soil and also to help the corn to keep from being toppled over. Finally the squash to help keep deer away (they do not like to get their feet tangled up in the vines). There will be many other pants in the garden, Each year we might do different things to make sure that we get the maximun from the garden.