I really don't know how she can do all that.

January 11, 2012 9:49pm CST
She's my friend. But she's still a student. Because she has continued with a higher level university. Everyday, she goes to classes. Then, she studied English and Chinese. She also spends time going to near her house hospital to talk to patients there. Every week, she visits her family and going out with her sweetheart. She can cook very well. We often enjoy many delicious meals by her. In addition, she also managed a clothing store online. I really don't know how she can do all that thing. Where she get time, energy to do all that. I really admire her.
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@Theresaaiza (10486)
• Australia
13 Jan 12
Some people are just good with budgetting time. They channel their energies to something productive and they achieve a lot. I sometimes wish I could be like that. But sometimes, it's more tempting to just stay in place to think and daydream.
@sswallace21 (1824)
• United States
12 Jan 12
WOW! What a energetic woman? Sounds like she's make the most of every opprotunity that is put before her. I love her devotion to be successful. Best Wishes!
@tiina05 (2319)
• Philippines
12 Jan 12
hello, She is a super women. Just kidding. Of course you can also do that if you can and if you like. She is a type of person I think that want to be busy and do enjoy her life to all the things she really like. Maybe that is her personality.
@kundanraj (660)
• India
12 Jan 12
Some people born intelligent and some aquire it. Either she is one of them. She study do her work and meet her family and enjoy with them with her beautiful cooking. I think what she is doing she is an ideal model for human being. She is not only contributing to her family but helping them and spending time with them without spoiling her works and compencating her study. She is good. I hope she get all wonder what she want.
@franne32 (695)
• Philippines
12 Jan 12
That's pretty amazing. Maybe she can do all that because she is inspired by people around her and she believes that time is not meant to be wasted. Also, she probably has a goal in life that encourages her to strive harder in order to achieve it. It's good to admire someone like her. I would like to be able to juggle my time like that as well.