what if your paypal account doesnt have a credit card?

January 11, 2012 10:15pm CST
Hey there mylotters! i do have my paypal account but its not verified yet coz i dont have my own credit card or debit card. im quite new to paypal so im looking for ways to go around it. whats a paypal account if you dont have a credit card? i kinda need the money withdrawn but dont have enough to apply for my own bank account yet.is there any thing that i can do about this?
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• Philippines
23 Jan 12
you need your own bank account and credit card to verify your paypal and withdrawn your money. your paypal name must match the name on the bank account and credit card. you might can receive money but you cant withdrawn from paypal without verifying it. you can try virtual credit card, i know someone who sell those and you can use it to verify your paypal and its legit coz i've been purchasing vcc from them before and its instant.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
18 Jan 12
The only legal way to verify your account is either by using your credit card, or by using your bank statement. I don't really recommend the usage of VCC though. I think there's too much risk that your account will be limited if you're using VCC.. Anyway, I can't understand your situation. If you don't have any bank account and you want to withdraw your money - then how can you withdraw that money? You can't withdraw "cash" from Paypal..
@ekoytyas (4672)
• Indonesia
13 Jan 12
you can use virtual credit card, in my country there is some people who sell that VCC. or you can use your bank account to verify. i use bank account to verify, because it was safer than other.
• Indonesia
12 Jan 12
If you don;t have credit card, You can use vcc (virtual credit card) to verify your paypal account. Just order vcc, you can search on your country the seller of vcc. After order, you will be given 14 digit credit card number and expired date. And then, paypal check it for verification, they send expuse code to vcc bank account, just wait 2-5 days, and then the seller will tel you the expuse code. Use it for verification, finally your account get verified. Vcc price about $10-15 for 1 year