Bleach is it worth watching?

January 12, 2012 11:39am CST
I just started watching Bleach. First few episodes are kinda boring. Is it going to change? What are your impressions?
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• United States
12 Jan 12
The first episodes of the series are very boring in my opinion. However, once you get past those the story begins to develop rather quickly. Bleach is one of my favorite things to watch. The story is ever changing and their is always several story lines going on at one time. The epic battles aren't too bad either. You should keep watching, you won't regret it.
13 Jan 12
When i watched first 15 episodes i was kinda bored. But now when they went to Soul Society it became much more interesting. Yesterday i wathched about 10 episodes. I just couldnt stop.
• United States
13 Jan 12
That is exactly how I got hooked on the show. I have watched almost every episode, with the exception of some of the newer ones, and it only gets better. It is very interesting to watch Ichigo develop and become stronger.
• Philippines
31 Jul 12
bleach is really good, first few episodes are somewhat boring, i think its because the first few episodes are showing how the other characters like chad and inoue got their ability. but when the real action gets started like when ichigo and his friends are going to the shinigami world called soul society, they will meet, befriend and fight with strong and cool captains from the 13 divisions of soul society, it gets really exciting. though i don't know any updates on the latest episode of bleach now, i still suggest you continue watch bleach.
@isaax190 (70)
• Philippines
29 Jul 12
Yep! They will... Guess you have watch filler episodes thats why they were boring... If you reach the episode were they're going to rescue ruikia... You're boring days are over XD...
• Philippines
20 Mar 12
Yes it is WORTH Watching! Same as you, I also started watching Bleach lately. I'm on Season 3 - Bount Arc, however, I find this particular arc boring. I've watch other seasons like the Arrancar, Zanpakuto Unknown Tales, Fake Karakura Town arcs ... and all that, kinda fun to watch and very interesting characters and stroryline. Too bad the anime will end this coming 27th of this month. :(
14 Mar 12
I have seen bleach from the start. There are filler episodes, some are boring some are great. But the whole story is great. The development of his power. I was stuck watching it. If you are a fan of Samurai X or any sword fighting anime, then you'll probably love it. Japanese humor is also great. ;)
• Singapore
19 Jan 12
I've watched the whole series till the latest episode, I'd say the first few episodes are kind of slow moving, then when they get to Soul Society things get much more interesting, then again I love the Shinigami. After that there'll be a mixture of interesting, random and even pointless story/filler arcs but that hasn't made me drop the show at all. I still like it, and I think I heard it's going to end anyway. Still, it really depends on your own tastes I guess, no harm trying!
@vycess (1590)
• Saudi Arabia
13 Jan 12
At first I also didn't like much this anime. But my brother keep telling me that this one is good to watch. So when he watch this one I also watch and I enjoy it. The adventure and action it's good. It has so many episodes now and I'm not updated anymore.