Does anyone know what the name of these animals are?

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January 12, 2012 6:49pm CST
I am going to be setting up a fish room to breed fish and inverts. I am going to be looking for an animal that looks like a cross between a crawfish (the heaad and front look like a crawfish) and the back looks like a crab. They live in central America and do not get very large. I think that they would be great aquarium inhabitants as they are not supposed to be aggressive to other inhabitants or plants either (I could be wrong).
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15 Jan 12
These fish are commonly called "Discuss". they looks very awesome. but if you keep them, you have to maintain the temperature of the tank by a thermostat. because these fish cant tolerate temperature fluctuation.
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18 Jan 12
These are not fish but are closely related to crabs and crawfish/crayfish. I know what discus are because I have had a breeding pair of them before. These animals do not require the warm waters that discus do.
@simonelee (2718)
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7 Jul 12
Can you post a photo so that everyone could see and help you in identifying that fish? Where did you saw the fish, the pet store? I'm intrigue cause i haven't seen a fish that looks like that.