Collected for a LIFE TIME..

@Bamboee (645)
United Arab Emirates
January 13, 2012 11:31am CST
Since I was a kid, i use to collect all kinds of stuff bears, teddy bears! I never threw them away or spoiled them.. I have almost 50+ teddy bears, ranging from all shapes and sizes and colors. The reason I got so passionate about them is because I use to hope one day they would come alive and talk to me - clearly now I know why they dont come alive! they mean alot to me, because most of them are from my birthdays, from prizes that I won in a game show at the carnival, dad got from me from his trips to different countries and alot more.. I dont think so I can ever trade them or even give them to my future children (who will be born someday) to play with them!! My mother has kept them all safe, and clean in a special closet.. Is there a collection that is so precious to you?
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