Have you ever had a paper cut on your cornea???

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January 13, 2012 8:21pm CST
Some how I as I was sitting at my desk (when I was working) and while working I happened go have gotten a paper cut on my cornea...OUCH!!!!! Talking about a freak accident...It happened so fast and hurt just as fast...the worst thing was wearing that patch over my eye and trying to drive..It was terrible..II didn't have an accident but it was terrible manuvering while driving....ts one thing we take for granted and when life is interupted by anything its really an issue... Have your ever had to wear an eye patch?????
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14 Jan 12
That sounds horrible. When I was in grade school a kid was picking up a crayon and someone walking by hit the crayon with their foot and it went straight into the kids eye and he had to wear an eye patch. I get scared when anything gets too close to my eye.
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18 Jan 12
Hi carissasbierd, I truly understand what you are talking about, After something like happening it really makes one a little more aware of thier surroundings in certain situtations...