How do we do to know if our creativity is good to become a car designer?

January 14, 2012 5:05pm CST
Hi friends, lots of people are creative and many have a real good talent expressed in Architecture, artistic works and projects, Photography, video editing, drawing, designing products. So creative people have a talent, something that not everybody can have. Talent is something we get from our parents or relatives, we cannot buy it or learn it, we can learn techniques and be very good in using them, however we cannot be creative if we do not have a sort of talent in our inner part of us. It is a gene! Can creative people draw and design cars? My answer, due to my experience as designer and design teacher , is no! Car Design is a very special field of Design and it requires a strong and targeted talent and passion for cars. Lots of people have passion for cars, but they will not design cars unless they have a creative talent speciphic for it. This is the main reason why important and renomated Transportation Design schools do entry selection interviews. What should a young creative person do to know if his/her talent is good to attend a car design school? The best advice to give in this case is: try to use Facebook or Linkedin where many car designers and professionals are and try to connect with them (like me..) to show their drawings to get an honest feedback. Another way is going to vosit design schools for consulting and feedback, it is extremely important to know it before spending money in a design school with the risk of not finding a job.
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15 Jan 12
I agree. The only way to know if you're actually good at something is to try it out for yourself, and get critique from an expert in the field about it. Get a few second opinions as well, but you can tell what I mean.