tradition of money!!!

January 15, 2012 2:27am CST
As technology grows the tradition changes now the latest change in tradition next to converting money in the form of cards(debit or credit cards).now the next change is evryy form of money is converted to wallet money ie.,we can do all forms of transaction such as payment of bills and receiving moneys.there wont be any problem of handling money but there wont be that satisfaction of working for a month tirelessly and at the end we get the money in hand.what do you say feeling the money we earned hardly in hand.or just receiving an sms that "your salary has been credited to your account".
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@kelly10 (678)
16 Jan 12
I very rarely use my debit card and prefer to use cash at all times. The reason for this is that I am on a very, very tight budget due to being out of work and my money for a full month is split into three different pots. One pot is for bills and that stays in the back as they are all paid by direct debit, the second pot is for food and drink and the third pot is for watching my local semi-pro football team, one night out a week to see my friend who works behind a bar, extra money for emergencies and the odd Saturday night out. The only reason I'm able to stick to this budget is because I can see how much money I've got to spend rather then going through receipts and having to write everything down. If money disappears totally I'm not really sure how I will be able to stick to this budget unless I had three seperate bank account.