Teaching V/S Cheating

@jagjit273 (1740)
January 15, 2012 9:27am CST
Teaching is the noblest profession.A teacher is regarded a nation builder.He or She is a person whorpovides a president, aprime minister,a Judge, an advocate, adoctor, an engineer and what not.But it is really very shocking and shameful that nowadays some teachers encourage cheating.Examinations have become mockery.Students openly copy from the books or use unfair means with the help of some teachers.Examinations are no more examinations now.Many Parents also Co-operate with teachers to enable their kids to obtain higher marks by usingunfair means .It will not be wrong to say that these days, wducation is being sold like a product.Some teachers accept bribe for helping students to do coping. Some teachers are cheating their conscious.There was a time, when teachers used to be called "GURUS".They used to have high standard of life though their standard of living used to be low.But now standard of living has been given more importance/weightage than standard of life.Teachers hanker after money.This evil has become so deep-rooted that entire society is in the grip.We can't adjudge the intelligency on the basis of marks or certificates.We all should stand together to fight against this eveil to survive our coming generations.It is worth mentioning that there are honest and dedicated teachers also prevailing in the society who oppose cheating.The society is becuase of these ideal teachers who have high moral values. To wind up the discusion, it becomes a responsibility of all of us to help wipe out this menace otherwise the future of our country will be doomed.
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@ravisivan (14055)
• India
16 Jan 12
Jagjit -- I am in the teaching profession. I will say that both teachers and students are responsible for the outcome in a class. I use to prepare well and go to a class. But if the students are not interested in learning and make noise and make fun among themselves I use to attempt more than five or six times to continue teaching what I have planned. In spite of efforts if the group is not mending itself then I use to give 60% of what I wanted. Teachers are responsible for not preparing well due to various reasons.
• India
24 Jan 12
I completely agree sir. I too am a student of final year in an engg- course and i do experience the pain and grief which many teachers must go through daily in the class while giving lectures. Students make comments and sometimes it becomes so bad that sitting inside the classroom with such fellows makes us feel ashamed. Teachers on the other hand seem so helpless in such situations. Hence they find it difficult to impart what they have prepared which ultimately affects the students who attend the classes to gain something and not just to fulfill the attendance criterion.
• India
24 Jan 12
Teachers do this because they are given a chance and in many cases they are threatened to do so. I myself have seen an incident where a teacher was beaten up by some hooligans sent by the father of a student who was a politician and had a great virtue in locality. The reason behind it was that the teacher had refused to help the kid pass the examination. Due to this refusal he was beaten up so hard that he broke his arm and was directed to take bed rest for 2 months. Physical wounds healed by the time but the mental scars will always be there. That teacher now runs a private coaching institute. What do you say about it now? I agree that this is wrong but there must be a way out. However the fact that this profession has now mushroomed as a commercial activity too cannot be neglected.
@annierose (18021)
• Philippines
16 Jan 12
hi jagjit, It is a very sad thing that sometimes, some teachers tend to forget the true meaning of being a teacher and being educated. Most of the times, it is not only teachers but also other officials who get blind with big amount of money they will be having. I believe that teachers should be role models. They must be a good influence to those young generations that will build up our country. That is why being a teacher is not an easy vocation. Because the success or failure of the country lies on their hands, so whatever they do affects the lives of their students who will build up the country in the future.
@SinfulRose (3529)
• Davao, Philippines
15 Jan 12
Yes, it is sad how the profession of teaching has lowered down. But let's just face it, not everything is learned in school contrary to the traditional belief that students should stay in school, get good grades and get a secure job. Because fact (1) There is no longer a secure job in the world. The only thing you can count on is getting into debts or having more expenses to come. (2) Most of the time, our working industry is on the search for people with experience that those fresh graduates whose score are top notches. (3) Whatever you learn in school is a 180 degrees different from sitting in class because students aren't much focused on application but on words and words and more gibberish words. If there is application it is only limited to a certain extent. (4) Grades does not make the future. It's only for show to the public, nowadays. (5) Not all teachers really teach students nowadays. Because they don't have the ability to give the students what was never taught to them before. Just like how one should study or even how one becomes literate enough to get oneself out of debt and handle money. (6) Morality all over the world usually dropped whenever new technology arises due to early exposure of the children to the world where adults live in...if you know what I mean...