Maitreya - In The Beginning ( Part 3) ( A story in Haibun Form)

@nerein (283)
United States
January 17, 2012 9:53am CST
Maitreya realizes he is more special than he thought. He wonders what else he can do. As he explores his powers he senses energy flowing through him. He looks and sees himself glowing white. More special than thought, Explores what else he can do, Glowing white he sees. Maitreya looks around, and notices that everything is different. he sees that everything is surrounded by energies of different colors. He wonders what is going on. Everything has changed, Sees energy and colors, Wonders how it is. As Maitreya is training he notices the water moving with him. More bewildered he feels himself become. Still wondering what is going on. Body water move, Becoming bewildered now, What is going on. More years passing by. The Priest sees that that the young boy is now a young man. He smiles as he sees Maitreya becoming aware of his abilities. More years passing by, The young boy is now a young man, Becoming aware.
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