Maitreya - In The Beginning (Part 5) ( A story in Haibun Form)

@nerein (283)
United States
January 17, 2012 10:12am CST
The Priest and Maitreya see the battle, and the storm raging. They wonder what is going to happen. Maitreya decides to help the other priests. Storm and battle rage, Wondering what will happen, Maitreya decides. Maitreya sees the lightning coming at him. He feels the lightning strike him. Some thing is happening to him. The one sees lightning, Feeling of lightning strike him, Some thing happening. Maitreya feels himself separating. The Priest sees this and realizes they can't win the battle. The Priest decides to take the two and get out of the temple. The one becomes two, The battle cannot be won, The temple they leave. The Priest decides too send the two off to become one again. The two not knowing what they were. The two set off too become one again. Priest sends the two off, The two don't know who they are, Two set off to search.
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