What is a Big Beautiful Woman?

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January 17, 2012 1:49pm CST
I wrote this a few months ago and wanted to share it. Please give me your feelings on BBW'S! Many who do not know what is a BBW may often get confused, assuming it is an over-sized plumper who sits down eating twinkies all day. Let me tell you just stop you right there! In today's society BBW'S are looked at like monsters, people who do not belong in high society, well I'd hate to break it to you "BIG IS IN"! Whether you be a size 16 or 26 it is in! More and more you see plus size models, plus size Entrepreneurs, etc... Many of you may ask what does a BBW look like or what does she stand for? 1.) A BBW is a leading term used by many as BIG BEAUTIFUL WOMAN. 2.) An empowering alternative and politically correct description for the plus size woman as opposed to the derogatory term "FAT" WHAT SHE STANDS FOR! A BBW is not only confident in her own skin but also loving of herself! She hold her own without needing anyone else to do for her. She knows success and not afraid to get hers! She does not need a man to complete her because she feels complete with herself! She is not afraid to rock a pair of stilettos and dance the night away! She is full of sensuality and knows how to work her body! She is a voluptuous creature who is not afraid to show of curves. She is not easily offended by society or what others say. She holds her head up high and knows what she is worth. She is not intimidated by society or the skinny world. She is not afraid to show that other side of her! She has what it takes to paint the town red! She is not only BIG in BODY but also BIG in HEART!
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@locakai (166)
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17 Jan 12
Very positive. Though my hubby at times seems to think out loud, that he thinks I need to loose weight. I remind him, that 1. He is lucky to have me the way I am. Because I'm imperfect, I don't ever want to go back to my size 2 and be depressed. 2. Maybe my genetics has the affect on my pear shaped body. 3. I love myself....And if someone doesn't like me the way I am, or the way I dress then they are more insecure in their selves...
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18 Jan 12
Amen to that!! Big is Beautiful! I had an ex boyfriend who would do the same thing and it got to a point where there was nothing there so I left him. What people need to understand is that as long as we are happy with ourselves why should it bother you? Life is too short to be picky and judgemental.