Stuck on Chibi Drawings

January 17, 2012 9:47pm CST
Hello MyLotters!! I'm just new here and i happen to find this Field as one of my interests. As the Subject says, i seem to be stuck on Drawing Chibis. I mean I am a Guy and I like Badass "Marvel Comic" type art. I really want to learn how to draw like that but whenever i try to, i end up drawing a crappy picture. most of my works are chibis and i also like them. check out my gallery @ and tell me what you guys think. This style of art is usually my comfort zone. do you think i should stick to it and improve it or should i switch to a new art style??
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• Liechtenstein
4 Apr 12
If drawing your usual styles is within your comfort zone then by all means stick to it. If you really want to change I suggest you pick up some anatomy books. Try Loomis anatomy books and see if it helps. But you must have a lot of dedications to improve if you want to draw Marvel style art.
• Philippines
20 Feb 12
Pretty cool drawings you have there in your gallery. Anyway, i've been on the same boat as you before, i started out drawing chibis then progressed to more styles of art. As of now, i'm still practicing on making my drawings as realistic as possible. Sticking to your comfort zone might be good, but it might be a better idea to try new stuff(but im not saying that you wont improve on your familiar field), and just keep practicing at it. Sooner or later, you're gonna get the results you want. Remember "practice makes perfect"