When comes to joking, my supervisor know how to take it back

United States
January 18, 2012 3:41pm CST
I guess there were so many incidents of mis - communication in our workplace, and many people might not take joking as well as others. Some might not even understand that was a joke, and they might take it seriously. From top level to bottom, we just careful to whom we joke to. Today, our supervisor might take a joke to one of my co - worker, and he might not express a slight of laugh, so our supervisor instantly take it back, and saying that he was joking, not a serious accusation. Then he just laugh a bit. Well, human communication just a bit complex than we think, so choosing what you say carefully, or cause a huge misunderstanding.
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@tatzkie23 (773)
• Philippines
19 Jan 12
I agree with you, some people don't take jokes easily. Sometimes, they don't even get it. It's ok to joke around if you're not hurting anybody's feelings. I myself is a joker. But i think first before i joke, i make sure that i don't offend someone. And i don't make jokes about other people to make my friends laugh. Maybe people are just really different on how to take jokes.
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@yanzalong (9944)
• Indonesia
19 Jan 12
You are right. Sometimes joke can be misunderstood. So, we have to bear in mind what joke is suitable. If you joke with someone who never jokes, this will cause a serious misunderstanding. Even misunderstandin might occur when we joke with someone we often joke with. Because of misunderstood joke, two good friends might split up.
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@lilaclady (28270)
• Australia
18 Jan 12
many times I have found people who give can not take , sometimes I am not sure if it is wise to joke too much with supervisors, when it comes to the job I say be careful sometimes...
@eunife (165)
• Philippines
23 Jan 12
as they say, jokes are half meant. so if somebody makes a joke about me, i can ride it on but i really ponder on it after some time. different people take jokes differently. so we must be careful.