ownership of your job

January 18, 2012 11:03pm CST
I have observed that sometimes people are not really have ownership of the job and not having good responsibility on doing things at working place. For example, during Costa concordia news there are online interview with one of the crewship in our local television. He explained that most of the safety officers are not in placed when the accident happen and nobody from safety officers helping them to do evacuation of the passengers and also other crewship.This really annoying and we can not imagine who supposed to help them, they do not have any ownership at all.WHat do you think about ownership of job?
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• United States
19 Jan 12
I believe on a cruise ship that every crew member should be ready at all times and have everything in order if anything ever did go wrong again. I have been on cruise ships and before leaving port they have a mustard station which is a emergency evacuation route for all on board members at the time and they have you go through a drill in case anything does happen. Now i dont think that this ship even did that but who knows what they do in another country from where i live. I think they should keep all life vests in rooms of occupants and also in areas around the ship incase something of this happens. I believe that people would be more ready and the crew members would be more ready if life preservers and jackets were available throughout the ship and more lives would have eben saved as well. I do think they were really close to shore and many people could have gotten to shore as well then just going out to sea which is weird to me as well.