Dream Or Nightmare?

January 19, 2012 1:09am CST
Just over a year ago I had an incredibly vivid and frightening dream/nightmare about Heath Ledger. I barely remember too many details now but I'll try to mention those of importance. I have no idea why he would have wanted to do such a thing but I came across him at a lake, not sure where. He was standing under a waterfall and trying to drown himself, so I made my way over to him and tried desperately to stop his attempts, but when I reached him, he grabbed me and held me under the water with him, as though trying to kill me as well as himself. It's quite a scary thought and I haven't been able to work out it's true meaning at all. I was wondering if anyone has had similar dreams/nightmares before? Did you ever find meaning behind them? I never look into dreams with obvious answers, there always seems to be more to them either way.
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